First NFT sale in Klever

First NFT sale with Klever
First sale of NFTS that we will make together with Klever, it will take place the second week after the Open Beta. In this sale we will sell 100 NFTS at a price of 100 dollars per unit. These NFTS have a higher price because to start with you can only get an exclusive legendary NFT between 4 random (we will never sale this NFTS again) and will have some exclusive advantages, which are as follows:
  • Participation in the private sale of the token.
  • Access to tournaments with great monetary prizes during the Beta.
  • NFTS and money raffles will be held among the holders of the same.
  • Early access to the mobile version of the game.
  • Early access to future sales such as clans, lands, etc.
  • Access to a private channel to talk to the developers.
  • 4% of the sales of The Last War will be distributed among the holders of these NFTS. (By this we mean any sale such as public sale of the token, sales of nfts, royalties, etc.)
  • Other surprise benefits