Building System

We explain how the construction system of the game will work.

To help and facilitate the construction and mobility of buildings, the village can be seen from a bird’s eye view. In addition, the interaction that the player will have with the buildings seen in the third person is highlighted. Although, in this mode it will not be able to move or create new constructions. In the final phase of development, several village configurations will be saved, and other functionalities will be added.


These are some of the features that have already been added in the Demo and others that will be added in the first versions of the game.

  • 3rd person interaction and enhancement.

  • Editor with bird's eye view.

  • Rearrange the whole village with a simple button.

  • Save multiple layouts.

  • Test the village through the summoning shrine.


Builders are one of the most important elements in a village. They can upgrade, build or rebuild structures, as well as upgrade your Heroes. Each builder will allow you to build or upgrade only one building at a time, so they will be busy until their work is done.

We can have up to a maximum of four constructors, the first being free to obtain, while the second will cost $10, the third $20, and the fourth $40. Of course, they can be purchased in a $50 pack, which we definitely recommend, since it will only be available for a limited time when the game comes out.

The construction system is under development and will be improved with future versions of the game. The one shown here are simply those that have already been developed and those included in the first versions of the game.

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