These buildings are responsible for keeping your village safe.

The defenses will be responsible of protecting the village along with the walls. Without them, the village is completely unprotected against the enemy, so it is very important to upgrade them, as well as the village.

The next section describes the main defenses available in game.

Archers’ Tower

This is one of the defenses with the longest range. They are able to target both ground and air troops. Damage, health and attack speed will increase with the upgrades, so Archers' tower are ideal against weak air and ground troops. It is one of the first defensive buildings that players will get in game, and that can be kept throughout the adventure.


Defensive structure which only attacks ground troops, and although they have less range than the above, they are balanced with more health and damage. By upgrading cannons, their health and damage increases and like Archers’ Tower, they are one of the first defensive structures in game. It is recommended to upgrade it whenever possible.


They are the crucial defense of any respected village. Enemy ground troops will have to pass these walls first in order to get access into the village, so a good defense must have strong walls without gaps. For this reason, it is very important to keep upgrading the walls. Once the Town Hall keeps upgrading, the village will have the ability to build more walls.


These are lethal defensive weapons able to target ground and air untroops. High attack speed and increased range. Perfect against very large groups of enemies. Upgrading Crossbows will increase health and damage, as well as slightly firing speed.


Mortars have a long range, but they are ineffective when used at close range. They attack slowly, however, in the area hit by their cannonballs they cause great damage. Perfect for destroying waves of ground enemies.

Sky Destroyer

This is the most significant air defense of the village, dealing high damage, consisting of a high attack speed and range. Damage and health will increase upgrading this anti-air tower. It is unlocked when player reach level four at Town Hall and is indispensable for repelling attacks from the sky.

Electrics towers

This defensive construction have the power to attack both air and ground troops through intense electrical discharges. They have high damage and attack speed, although the range and endurance are lower. The Town Hall level that players will need to build this tower will be revealed in the near future with the presentation of the Town Hall design.


Mines are invisible traps that remain hidden until they are activated by an attacking troop unit moving into their trigger radius. They are only effective against ground troops. Their range as well as the damage they cause will increase when they are upgraded.

Air mines

Similar to the previous ones, but they will only target air troops. The damage will be higher than landmines, but the range will be more limited. Applying the upgrade increase the damage.

Confusion Traps

These are imperceptible and will affect both air and ground troops. After being triggered, they will stun all troops in their range of action, for certain amount of time, according to the level of the trap. Range and stun time will increase with the upgrade.


They are a fundamental part of defense, as they will lend their help by attacking enemy monsters and heroes.

As we move forward, we will update this section by putting images of each of the defenses and tables with their damage and life values.

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