These constructions are focused on the generation and storage of resources.

Resource-focused constructions are those that will be used to store or produce them. (This section also includes the Builder’s House as they are used for the construction and improvement of buildings).

It is very important to have a good storage capacity, as well as a good passive production to be able to develop the full potential of the game.

The main buildings covered by this category are explained below.

Town Hall

Is the main and more important building in the village. It has the function of limiting the number of buildings, as well as the level which they can be upgrade. In addition to this, the Town Hall restricts the number of Heroes that can be used at the same time and their level. It is also used to store part of the village resources.


Allows players to store the resources obtained in game. There will be one for natural magic and another for gold.


Collectors allow farming resources passively without having to play. At first, the production will be scarce, but as soon as they level up, the amount of resources collected will be bigger and bigger. There are two types of collectors: magic extractors and gold mines.

Builder's House

Each of these houses provides a builder. You need to own one for upgrade and construct the buildings. When one of these characters is assigned to the construction or upgrade, it will change to “busy” status. If all the constructors are in this status, it is necessary to wait for them to finish the current task in order to start the next construction in the village. You can have a maximum of 5 builders. First one will be given for free, but the others will be unlocked using the in-game currency. Each time a builder is purchased, next one will be slightly more expensive.

This section will be developed once the project progresses, including new constructions, as well as different designs of the same.

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