Join your friends in fervent battles.


  • Everyone must build the special guild building to be able to belong to one.

  • The guild will have a level. The more level you have, the more people can enter it.

  • The guild will have several bonuses that will increase with the investment of resources by all its members.

  • Upgrades will be decided by the guild master or people who have admin permissions. To upgrade a bonus, everyone must contribute the necessary resources. This upgrade will take a certain amount of time.

  • Bonus upgrades can be accelerated with TLWE. Of course, there will be exclusive bonuses that can only be unlocked with TLWE.

  • At the moment, there will be 3 guild levels. At level 1, they will have a capacity of 10 members. At level 2, 20 members. And at level 3, 30 members.

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