The main NFTs of the project.
Heroes are the key and essential part of the game. You will need at least one Hero to be able to start playing.
To continue progressing in the game you will need more than one Hero, and to upgrade to the maximum the level of the Town Hall you will need 3 Heroes. Then, it is essential to increase the number of Heroes to evolve in the game.
The maximum number of Heroes that can be used at the same time at the highest level of the Town Hall will be 3. When higher village levels are implemented, this limit will be increased.

In-Game Heroes

Heroes have a limited maximum level, according to the level of their Town Hall. To upgrade the Heroes and make them progress, resources must be spent on them. During the process of improving the Hero, it will be remain inoperative until the upgrade ends.
With the upgrade, they will increase their stats, such as health, damage, defense, etc... As well as their special abilities and troops.
They will have special abilities that will improve as the hero level up. Epic and Legendary Heroes have their own special troops to escort them to the battlefield.
Both the Heroes and the troops will have different targets, some will focus on attacking the defenses, others on warehouses, enemy Heroes, etc...
After defending or attacking (if they have taken damage), Heroes must rest for a certain amount of time before they can be taken back to the battlefield.
The Heroes consist of different rarities and races that we will deal with in the following sections.
If you want to know more about the bonuses that Heroes, items and certain skins will grant, open the Bonus section in the Whitepaper.