Look at the different rarities that the Heroes will have.
Common Hero
Uncommon Hero
Common Hero
Epic Hero
The rarity of Heroes are:
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Epic
  • Legendary
Rarities will define the difficulty of obtaining a Hero, conditioning their stats and the bonuses they grant.
It must be made clear that a Legendary Hero will always be better than an Epic Hero; the Epic, better than an Uncommon one, and this one better than an Common Hero. Having said that, the only Heroes that will have their own troops will be the Epic and Legendary Heroes.
Legendary Heroes, which are very difficult to obtain, will have better stats and bonuses than the rest, so their value will also lie in their scarcity.
This section is still under development, and will be updated as the project progresses. More information will be given about the multiple rarities and their role in the game.
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