To carry out an attack, and for it to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to have troops in the quarters already recruited previously, as otherwise we will only be able to attack with the hero, which is not recommended because we will not have the support of troops to protect itself.

The player will carry out the attack with a bird's eye view, which will be very useful to select troops and drop them in the different places of the enemy village. In the first versions of the game, attacking opponents will be something simple. However, as the project progresses, more difficulty and complexity will be added.

Each day you can make unlimited attacks in PvE mode, but you can only get resources in the first four. As the campaign progresses, the resources gained from attacks will progressively increase.

As explained in previous sections, the aim is to make the game works around player-versus-player fights (PvP), promoting interaction and alliances between players, as well as fun and excitement.

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