In this section we will deal a bit with the basis of the game economy.

Obtaining the Token

Once the sale of the token begins, it can be obtained in several ways. First, by selling resources on the in-game Marketplace. Secondly, through staking and prizes given to players who are in the top positions of the global ranking, as soon as the ranking system is implemented. Another way to obtain it will be through rewards after completing the missions of the game.

Obtaining the NFTs

The different NFTs in the game (in this case, the Heroes), can be obtained through various events. There will also be special campaigns, in which exclusive NFTs will be obtained. The NFTs, as has been discussed in other sections, can be heroes, decorative items and other types of resources.

Resources and their use

Resources are the main base of the game and can be obtained in various ways, the main one being the siege of other players' villages. They can also be obtained through the PvE campaign and with the production of mines. Since the entire economy is based on them, they will be indispensable for prosperity. The amount you can store in the village will depend on the level of the Town Hall and the capacity of the resource stores, as well as the amount of resources produced by the mines.
The resources will also be used to upgrade the village and the Heroes. Therefore, these will be essential to evolve in the game. Village development will take an extended period of time, unless progress is accelerated by purchasing resources from other players or using the token to complete the upgrade instantly.
The game's economy, initially, will be based on the use of the token for the purchase and sale of resources in the market to other players. Due to the wide variety of uses and the storage limit that the villages have, it will be very prized. Therefore, we can consider the resources as an in-game token.
Players who want to get started in the game and prosper quickly, will be need to buy resources from other players, as well as using the token for upgrades.

Daily Resources

The town hall will generate a number of resources in the form of gold and magic each day, depending on how upgraded it is. Below are the requirements needed for each level and the amount that will be generated accordingly:
Requirements / Rewards
Level 1
Level 2
Minimum Number of Heroes
Maximum Level of Heroes
Maximum Number of Constructors
Total Time for Constrution (hours)
Price for Construction
Daily Reward
The game token, meanwhile, will have a wide variety of uses, which are mentioned in the corresponding section.
As the project progresses, this section will be updated and much more detailed information on the economy.