Use the market to buy what you need.
Once the first pre-sale is completed, the NFTs purchased will be deposited into buyers wallets, as well as those corresponding to the users who have made donations. The Marketplace will be open and ready for use.

What will be avaiable in the Marketplace?

Both the NFTs and the resources listed below will be available for sale:
  • Packs
  • Heroes
  • Skins
  • Resources
  • Items
The resources will be the main source of income in the game, and can be sold on the Marketplace in exchange for the in-game currency to other players.
Therefore, to improve the village, in addition to obtaining the resources by playing, they can be purchased directly from the Marketplace, where a 5% commission will be charged in-game currency.
After pre-sales are completed, one of the main ways to access the game will be to purchase NFTs from the Marketplace.
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