Token and utility

Uses of the token within The Last War.
$TLW token is the main currency of The Last War with a maximum supply of 21M. Players and investors will need it in order to interact in The Last War metaverse.
The Last War (TLW) is the token that we will use both in the market and in the game, being the main currency of the project, and will have a lot of functionalities that will increase over time.
In order to play the game, you will need to buy a Hero in the market, so the purchase of the token will be essential to enter the project.

Functionalities of the Token

We will go over the main utilities that our token will have:
  • Buy resources and NFTs in the market.
  • It will be used to buy builders in the village.
  • It will serve to accelerate the upgrades of buildings, troops, Heroes, etc.
  • It can be stacked for passive revenue.
The features of the token will increase as the project develops.