These buildings are responsible for keeping your village safe.

The defenses will be responsible for safeguarding the village along with the walls. Without them, the village is completely defenseless against an attacker, so it is of vital importance to upgrade them along with the village. In this section, the main defenses that the village can have are described.

Archer Tower

This is one of the defenses that has a long range. It can attack both ground and air troops. Its damage, health, and attack speed will increase as it levels up, making it ideal against weak ground and air troops. It is one of the first defenses that you will obtain in the game and that you can keep throughout the entire adventure.


They only attack ground troops, although they have less range than archer towers. This is compensated with higher health and damage. As you upgrade them, their health and damage increase. Like archer towers, they will be one of the initial defenses, so upgrading them whenever possible is recommended.


They are the crucial defense of any respectable village because ground troops must first overcome these walls to access it. Therefore, the village must have strong walls without gaps that can weaken it. For this reason, the upgrade of this important defense cannot be overlooked, and once the village progresses, the ability to build more walls will be obtained.


They are lethal weapons that attack both ground and air targets. They stand out for their high attack speed and increased range. Perfect against very large enemy groups. As they are upgraded, their health and damage will also increase, as well as slightly the firing speed.


They have a long range, although they are ineffective when used at short distances. They attack slowly but, however, in the area hit by their cannonballs, they cause great damage. Perfect for wiping out waves of ground enemies.

Sky Destroyer

It is the most significant aerial defense of the village, capable of producing great damage, with a high attack speed and range. The damage and health will increase as you progress. It is unlocked once the town hall reaches level four, and it is indispensable for repelling aerial attacks.

Electric Tower

They are towers with the power to attack both air and ground troops using intense electrical discharges. They have high damage and attack speed, although their range and resistance are lower. The town hall level at which this item can be used will be revealed in the near future, together with the presentation of the town hall design that will be able to unlock this feature


They are invisible traps that, when stepped on, are capable of damaging the target in a small area. They are only effective against ground troops. Their range, as well as the injuries they cause, will increase as they are upgraded. With them, traps can be created, as well as destroying enemies that intend to invade the village.

Air Mines

Similar to the previous ones, but they will only attack air troops. The damage they cause will be greater than that of land mines. However, the range will be more limited. When upgraded, the damage will increase.

Confusion Traps

They are imperceptible and will affect both air and ground troops. Once triggered, they will stun all units within their range of action for a certain amount of time, depending on the level of the trap. When upgraded, both the range and the stun duration will increase.


They are a fundamental part of defense, as they will assist by attacking enemy monsters and Heroes.

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