Join your comrades in fervent battles.


  • Everyone must build the special guild building to belong to one, which will have a small cost in $TLWE tokens. The guild will have a level. The higher the level, the more people can join.

  • The guild will have several bonuses that will increase with the investment of resources by all its members. (This will significantly increase the earning of $TLWE in PvE mode).

  • The leader of the guild or people with administrative permissions will decide on the improvements. To upgrade a bonus, everyone must contribute the necessary resources. This upgrade will take a certain amount of time.

  • The upgrades to bonuses can be accelerated with $TLWE. Of course, there will be exclusive bonuses that can only be unlocked with $TLWE.

  • For now, there will be 3 guild levels. At level 1, it will have a capacity of 20 members. At level 2, 40 members. And at level 3, 70 members.


Guilds will be exclusive NFTs that only the fastest leaders will be able to acquire.

We will hold a sale for them in $TLW to boost the token on a date yet to be decided.

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