These constructions are focused on resource generation and storage.

Buildings focused on resources are those that serve to store or produce them. (In this section, builder huts are also included, as they are used for the construction and improvement of buildings). It is very important to have good storage capacity, as well as good passive production, to fully develop the game's potential. Below are the main buildings included in this category.

Town Hall

It is the main building of the village. It has the function of limiting the number of constructions, as well as the level to which they can be raised. In addition to this, it restricts the number of heroes that can be used. This building is equal to your PVE LIMIT

Resources Storage

They are responsible for preserving the resources obtained by the player. There will be a warehouse to store pure magic and another one for gold. The capacity of the warehouses increases as you upgrade them.


Allow you to obtain resources without the need to play actively. Initially, they will be scarce, but as you upgrade them, the amount of resources they provide will increase. There are two types of collectors: those for magic and gold mines.

Builder House

Each of these houses provides one builder. It is necessary to have one to have the option of improving and building the buildings. When one of these characters is assigned to the construction or improvement of any facility in the village, it will change to the "busy" state. If all the builders are in this state, it is necessary to wait for them to finish the current task before starting with the next reform in the village. You can have a maximum of 5 builders.

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