The main NFTs of the project

The Heroes are the key and essential piece within the game. At least one Hero will be needed to start playing.

To continue advancing in the game, more than one Hero will be required, and to maximize the level of the village's town hall, 3 Heroes will be needed. Therefore, it is essential to increase the number of Heroes to progress in the game.

The maximum number of heroes that can be used simultaneously at the highest level of the village's town hall will be 14. This limit may increase slightly if necessary for the proper development of the game in future versions.

Heroes in the game

The Heroes in the game have a maximum level limit according to the level of the village's town hall. To improve the Heroes and make them progress, resources must be spent on them. During the Hero's improvement process, they will be unusable until the evolution is complete. Their statistics, such as life, damage, defense, etc., will increase with improvement, as well as their special abilities and troops. They will have special abilities that will improve as the Hero levels up.

Epic and legendary Heroes have their own special troops that will accompany them into battle. Both Heroes and units will have different objectives. Some will focus on attacking defenses, others on resource warehouses, enemy Heroes, etc.

After defending or attacking (if they have received damage), the Heroes must rest for a certain period before they can be brought back into the battlefield.

The heroes have different peculiarities and races, which we will discuss in the following sections.

If you want to learn more about the bonuses provided by the Heroes, items, and certain skins, go to the Bonus section within the whitepaper.

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