At the beginning, in the early versions of the game, village defenses will be automatic in the sense that if the user is disconnected at the moment of an attack, these defenses will protect the village. This implies that the village can be attacked even if the player is absent at that moment.

For the player, it's recommended to upgrade village defenses and walls, as this is a secure way to ensure progress in the game. If these defenses weaken, it's highly probable that another player will siege and attack the village more easily when it's more vulnerable.

After being attacked by another player, a temporary protection will be obtained to prevent similar attacks. This defense will be provisional and will have a specific duration, depending on the damage received in the village.

Once online for four consecutive hours, the game will disconnect for fifteen minutes. During this time, while playing, attacks cannot be received. Therefore, it will automatically disconnect to allow the village to be attacked, maintaining the game's dynamics.

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