Buildings dedicated to troops and attack.

The game features a wide variety of buildings specialized in troop creation and attack power enhancement, which is a vital tool to keep armies trained and powerful, ready to fight against any enemy.


They are buildings where the troops that will help in battle are created. As soon as the level of the barracks is upgraded, new, increasingly powerful units will be unlocked that can subdue your enemies.


They are the place where troops rest when they are not in combat. Improving the camps means more space for the troops, allowing you to gather an increasingly extensive army.

Experimentation Field

In this place, the best scientists and wizards of the village will be in charge of providing help to improve both the troops and the spells. However, this won't be free, as their services will have to be paid for with the resources the village possesses. As the experimentation field is improved, new capabilities for your troops and spells will be unlocked.


Here, spells and potions are created to aid the army in battle. Once the library is upgraded, the wisest wizards will grant you new spell recipes that will be very useful against your adversaries.

Summoning Sanctuary

It is used to summon monsters to the village, which will be useful for testing the defenses. As it is upgraded, it will attract more and increasingly powerful enemies. These monsters do not steal resources. Additionally, it should be noted that village repairs are instantaneous, making this the perfect way to find out how the village behaves during an intrusion.

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